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“The Love Shack was the most incredible, empowering and loving experience I have ever had while also being challenged physically. Jenny and Hayden were such wonderful instructors and made me feel so confident and sexy in my skin. Combining meditation with dance was such a unique and beautiful concept. Highly recommend this for anyone looking to heal their energy and get back in touch with their feminine power. Jenny and Hayden, thank you so much for an experience I will remember for the rest of my life”

                                                                                                                                                    - Tina Nik


"This is going to sound REALLY dramatic, and maybe it is. I went to The Love Shack for the first time (begrudgingly, judgmentally, insecurely, and the adverbs go on...). But boy how glad I am that I walked through those doors! This little space completely transformed my life. I was in about the worst shape physically and emotionally that I had been in, well, since I can remember. My very young children were sucking me dry, my new business preying on my weaknesses, and my husband was just plain busy. The Love Shack revealed something to me that I needed at a time when I needed it the most —a way to show myself love, a place to stop and listen to my emotions, a safe space in which to let go and reacquaint myself with ME, and a group of amazing women that uplift and celebrate femininity in a way that I have never before experienced. I am TRULY GRATEFUL for the Love Shack for more than I can express in these few words. I am PROUDLY a convert!!”

- May Frederiksen



“I am a fierce, 40 year old female. I am a mother, sister, daughter, friend and working professional. My first experience at The Love Shack was my “freedom celebration”. I have never felt so much love from my teachers and friends. I have attended 8 classes since and recently a private. Let me tell you, after each class I felt more empowered. The feminine movements are AMAZING! The Private? I have CHILLS typing this. OMG! Incredible! I left feeling fierce, empowered, strong, feminine, sexy and held my arms and heart open wide for the universe to bestow blessings on me!”

- Starling Crabtree



“Years of being a responsible adult has muted my sassy, free spirit to the point where I almost forgot she existed! That’s why I’m so grateful to Hayden and Jenny at The Love Shack for creating a practice that celebrates the value of the feminine spirit. It’s a much-needed haven for women in our current testosterone fueled world. The combination of meditation, movement, and play leaves me with little room for judgement or self-criticism. And how amazing to get to play in a group of supportive, lovely sisters!“

-Melissa Hancock



“Where do I begin in trying to put into words my experience at The Love Shack? I found this amazing place by accident on Instagram and read about the classes they offer. I was curious and yet had no idea what I was actually signing up for/attending. So, with an open mind, I showed up on a Tuesday morning. I didn’t know a soul. I had no wing man. I walked in alone and feeling vulnerable in many ways BUT was welcomed with open arms by Hayden and Jenny.⁣

There was not even one second where I didn’t feel safe with the Complete unknown. The class was not like anything I have ever experienced. Jenny and Hayden guide you and the experience is all yours. There are no mirrors , no judgement; no way to see if you are doing it correctly/perfectly (because that is what we as women have been conditioned to look for); no way to look at the person beside you, behind you- it’s just you in your moment, no matter how many are in the class. It is your complete and safe space to move your body and still your mind and open your heart. ⁣

You will use muscles you haven’t used in a while and you will breathe- maybe like me for the first time in a long time. And you will smile and you will be brave at trying new things. And when you open your eyes at the end of the class, after the last beautiful meditation on the mat, listening to Hayden’s beautiful prose and calm voice, you leave with an energy that I simply cannot describe. You leave knowing you are loved; yes by The Love Shack team but most importantly, loved by you! ⁣

I found this special space by chance- OR, maybe not. Maybe I was lead here by something I have yet to discover. I am grateful for what these two incredible women have started in Nashville and so grateful that they share their knowledge and light and love with anyone who walks through the door. I cannot wait to see what 2020 brings. I look forward to continuing this amazing journey in self discovery. It is something everyone women needs- a pause, an escape for an hour, something that is just for you and only you.⁣"

- Karen Ward Curnutte

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