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The Love Shack is a private, pink sequined wonderland with low lights, no mirrors and crystals galore. We have a cushioned floor, soft mats, and an array of velvet pillows to make our class comfortable and to support your body in play and relaxation.


This 1.5 hr class is designed to wake up your muscles, connect you to the muse within and leave you feeling positively radiant! 


Melt into the soft glow of a mirrorless room as you join your friends in a movement practice for your mind, body & soul.  We open with a 5-7 min guided meditation to land us in the present moment. This is followed up with a 40 minute mat workout. While most workouts are geared towards the masculine (linear), ours is very feminine; more circular and slow, which wakes up muscles we might not know we have!  


The circular and slow are very important to us. We want to feel the freedom to take up space. A lot of women, southern especially, have been taught to "keep it small", cross your legs, be a "good girl". And in this, some women have forgotten to celebrate who they are within their beautiful bodies!  


We then move over to THE POLE (!!!) and learn a few super fun (accessible to beginners) pole tricks. 


 Why the pole? 


The pole stirs up the feeling we got on the playground as kids…that freedom!  It also wakes up muscles you didn't know you have and is available to women of all shapes and sizes. 


We wrap up our experience with a guided group dance and brief closing circle.


Come be our guest

Your tour guide

JENNY WEAVER is a Texas born musician & actress currently residing in Nashville, TN.  She attended Northwestern University & worked in New York  and Los Angeles for many years before making her home in Music City. 


In 2008 she was dragged (kicking & screaming) to an S Factor class, and was amazed to discover a beautiful and inspiring movement language that also happened to be a great workout. After extensive training, she became an S Factor Instructor and taught group classes, private clients, and on the retreat team for over a decade. During this period she also devoted considerable time to training in meditation and Feng Shui. What she learned sparked a passionate drive to elevate the feminine and to create a path for more & more people to find their unique, soulfully sexy feminine voice.  


When music brought her to Nashville in 2017 she set her mind on opening The Love Shack to combine all of her expertise into one powerful class.


The studio officially opened its doors in 2021, with a misson to enrich the lives of all who enter the space while propelling them towards the fulfillment of their deepest desires. Oh, and getting mentally, physically & spiritually fit in the process. 

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